Pilgrim’s Progress

A travel blog about my 1,600 mile charity walk from St Peter’s Winterbourne Stoke to St Peter’s Rome to raise money to repair the leaking roof in our village church.

If you’d like to donate to my charity walk to help repair the roof at St Peter’s Winterbourne Stoke, you can do so via my Just Giving page:


Hi and welcome to my travel blog!

My name is Jonathan Dutton. I am 57 years old and live with my wife, Olivia, and our two dogs, Puzzle and Islay, in the small village of Winterbourne Stoke in Wiltshire, 4 miles from Stonehenge.

Jonathan and Olivia Dutton

I am the treasurer of St Peter’s Church, Winterbourne Stoke, a Norman church dating back to the 12th Century that was first mentioned in the Domesday Book.

St Peter’s is now in need of urgent restoration work including repairs to its leaking roof. In order to spearhead a fund raising campaign, we have set up the ‘Raise the Roof Appeal’ and will be embarking on a series of fund raising events over the next two months to raise the necessary funds to undertake the repairs and enable St Peter’s to remain open for regular worship, baptisms, weddings and funerals as well as making improvements to the heating and lighting in the church so that it can be used as a community hub for village activities.

As part of the fund raising efforts , I am embarking on a 1,600 mile charity walk from St Peter’s Winterbourne Stoke to St Peter’s Rome in 2021/2022. The first stage of his walk will take me along the Clarendon Way from Salisbury to Winchester, along the Pilgrims’ Way to Canterbury and thence across Europe to Bourg St Pierre on the Via Francigena, an ancient route used by English pilgrims to Rome since the Dark Ages. In 2022 I plan to complete my walk to Rome with my wife Olivia.

If you’d like to donate to the ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign to repair the roof at St Peter’s Curch Winterbourne Stoke and enable the church to remain open for regular worship, you can do so via my Just Giving page.


All money raised will go to the charity – The Friends of St Peter’s Church Winterbourne Stoke.

St Peter’s Winterbourne Stoke

The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking and there are now less than 3 weeks left before I set off from St Peter’s Winterbourne Stoke to St Peter’s Rome on a 1,600 mile journey into the unknown to help raise funds to repair the leaking roof at St Peter’s Church, of which I am the Treasurer. The walk […]

Day 3: Winchester to Alton (34 km) Divine Providence

‘There’s a divinity that shapes our ends Rough hew them how we will’ Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2 As I embark on the first stage of the Pilgrims Way from Winchester to Alton, here are a few more thoughts about that ‘mysterious’ incident that occurred a few weeks ago that I referred to in a […]

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Kit list – keeping it light

Ok this blog post is a bit geeky – it’s about what kit I’m taking with me and what I’m leaving behind. I’m indebted to two people for most of the ideas that follow: Brian Franklin, who lives in the next village (Shrewton), is a veteran of many long distance pilgrimages and is about to […]

History of the Via Francigena

People have been making pilgrimages to Rome since the fourth century when , with the Edict of Milan in AD313, the Roman Empire became Christian, unleashing a veritable flood of pilgrims anxious to visit the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul in the city. These early pilgrims were aided in their undertaking by the well-maintained […]

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