Background reading

Below is a list of interesting articles on pilgrimage generally and the Via Francigena specifically that I have found interesting and insightful prior to embarking on my walk to Rome.

Pilgrimage, spirituality and the history of the Via Francigena

Peter Owen-Jones: ‘Letters from an Extreme Pilgrim – Reflections on Life, Love and the Soul’, ‘Pathlands’

Satish Kumar: ‘Earth Pilgrim’

Philip Cousineau: ‘The Art of Pilgrimage – The Seeker’s Guide to Making travel sacred”

Andrew Jones;’ Pilgrimage – The journey to remembering our story’

Patrick Leigh-Fermor ‘A Time to Keep Silence’

Shirley Toulson: ‘The Celtic Alternative- A Reminder of the Christianity we lost’

The Prayers and Meditations of Saint Anselm

John R Sommerfeldt: ‘ Bernard of Clairvaux On the Life of the Mind’

Hilaire Belloc:’The Path to Rome’

Harry Bucknall: ‘Like a Tramp, like a Pilgrim – On foot across Europe to Rome’

Guy Stagg: ‘The Crossway’

Aidan Sharratt: ‘One Pilgrim’s Story – A Personal Discovery on the Via Francigena”

Jonathan Sumption: ‘The Age of Pilgrimage – The Medieval Journey to God”

Debra J Birch: ‘Pilgrimage to Rome in the Middle Ages’

Veronica Ortenberg: Archbishop Sigeric’s journey to Rome in 990

Judith Champ: ‘ The English Pilgrimage to Rome: A dwelling for the Soul’

Julien Moulin ‘Via Francigena: De Canterbury au Col du Grand Saint Bernard’